Who's Coming to our 40th!!

Tod Asmussen
Jane Barrett Kirk
Craig Berenstein and Julie (Friday)
Greg Berenstein (Friday) 
Ron Bogenreif and Wendy Lefler (Bolles)
Dan and Nancy Bonthius (Saturday)
Ann Brouillette 
Kevin Brunkhorst (Friday)
Owen and Lynn Buckley (Friday)
Dave and Claire Burruss
Nancy Clark Carlson and Greg 
Tammy Feiges Whitham and Rodney
Scott Gerkin and Shelley
Gregg and Amy Goodsell
Brian Gunnink
Paul Hamel                                                                                                                                                      
Vickie (Morton) Hancock and Jeff Hancock
Denise Hartstack Barber and Tom Barber
Todd Hegwer (Friday and Miles Inn)
Anna Johnson Salem
Alicia Klein
Brad Knepper and Bridget O'Leary Knepper
Stacy Lempares Brothers
Charese Lund (Sat Only)
John LaVelle and Monte Deer Carden
Scott and Kim McCormick
John Meis and Kelly Meis 
Anne Meyer Andersen
Richard Moeller (Sat)
Rick Mohan and Beth Mohan (Hassenger)
Bob C. Moore and Lisa Moore
Kathy Mueller
Joe Mumford and Suzanne Wiese Mumford
Senor Pat Murphy
Bob Newell and Trish
Kimberly Nymann Moyer
Liz O'Connor Carr and Terry
Steve Okin and guest (Amy)
John and Connie Persinger
Michele Sweeney (Redmond) and Tim Sweeney
Shelley Rivers (Sterling)
Greg Roeper
Sarah Sanford and Mike Colling
Dan Socknat and Nancy Smith Socknat
Ann Sisley (Chausee)
Amy Smith Macfarlane and Steve Macfarlane 
Mike Spidell and Sandy Spidell
Kevin Swanson and Joanne Swanson
Tim and Michele (Redmond) Sweeney
Deborah Thompson Paulsrud 
Laura Van Voorhis Goddard and Ken Goddard
Marcia Waitt and Terry Nelson
Clark Windle
Chic and Janet Wolfe
Debra Yaley (Friday)